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We know that our customers demand the highest quality parts and accessories, and that's why we provide Volkswagen Original Parts. Our Volkswagen Original Parts are perfectly matched to your vehicle because they are designed at exactly the same time as your vehicle was. Our highly trained Parts Advisors are always here to ensure that you get the right parts or accessories, when you need them!



Tail lights, headlight kits, clear marker lamps, smoke marker lamps, backside marker lamps, eyelids, diverter valves, short shifter kits, front engine mounts, rear sway bar kits, spring kits, badgeless grilles, air intake kits, brakeline kits, wheels, tires and many more.


Clarkdale Parts and Service Departments are open 10 HOURS A DAY ON WEEKDAYS (7:30AM to 6:00PM, Monday to Friday) & ALL DAY ON SATURDAYS (8:30AM to 5:00PM). We are doing all types of service work on the weekends to free-up your weekday schedule! You'll receive a complimentary "Level 2" car wash when you schedule a service appointment for either a weekday time between 3pm and 6pm, or any time on Saturday. 




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